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God Damn Christians
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It looks like a new info blurb is needed for some clarification...

What is god_damn_xians about?
This community is about spiritual and religious discussion. All viewpoints and beliefs are welcome to be discussed.

Who is this community for?
This community is for people who may not subscribe to organized religious dogma and search for answers to their spirituality on their own. Following their own path. This is a place to talk about your spiritual and religious views to discuss beliefs, maybe learn a little from other people, take a little, share some insight. This community is ultimately for everyone, but people may not take too kindly to being preached to.

Is this an anti-Christian community?
This isn't necessarily an anti-Christian community, but there's a very strong anti-organized religion sentiment. Christianity being the primary symbol of organized religion in America, it becomes an easy target. But the community isn't anti-Christian; all viewpoints are welcome.

Why is it called god_damn_xians?
The name isn't to say the community is an anti-Christian venting ground. It was originally used to get people talking. Spark a little controversy to create a dialog. It's just a name.