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something wonky this way comes

Has anything in the media or movies or some work of fiction you read ever impacted your faith in a truly wonky (odd word for crazy) way? Not shaken it or anything so drastic...just kinda nagged at you...

I'm not a big fan of the crucifixition; then again, who is? I'm referring less to the execution method (though you gotta wonder what Christianity would've used for a symbol if they'd executed Jesus some other way) so much as the displays of the guy in pain and anguish in every Church I've ever entered and on the walls of the more religious types I know that put it up like a decoration...I'd much rather see Jesus sitting peacably than like that.

Still, that's not what I'd like to address here.

When I was a kid I saw some movie, don't recall the title offhand, that displayed the life of Jesus and possibly other religious themes. At his exectution there's Roman Soldiers about the place and one of them says, "Truly he was the son of God."

I've never been able to shake that...try though I might.

Suppose you're wondering why I'd want to shake this at all.

The actor playing the Roman Soldier was John Wayne who had a rather distinct Texas accent with a bit of a drawl.

It just hurts my head.
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