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Let's try putting the books aside...

...seems everytime I ask a question a couple dozen people bonk me on the head with scripture. I've got a very basic question here and I'd just like to have an answer from you.

If I wanted a response from the Bible there's like 3 or 4 of them in this house so I'm sure I could take a peek.

On the topic of whether or not Jesus may've actually had a family of his own, not counting the extended on his human parents no doubt had providing him with siblings, I often find it interesting that people react to the ide of his having a wife and children as more horrific than anything you'd find in a...well...horror movie. I mean, surely Jesus raising his children while doing everything else he did is not that unbelieveable.

The man raised the dead for Pete's sake! He made more food from very little food!! He walked on water!!!!

Surely he could take the time to bounce his own child on his knee and give a hug to the wife.

So...why is it you (Yeah...You!) have a problem with the very concept of Jesus having a family of his own? On Earth while he was doing everything so miraculous...why is such a basic bit of normalcy in his existance such a bad idea?

just to be clear: saying "because it's not in the Bible" or any variation thereof is not a valid answer; I'm already very aware of that fact.

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